If you’ve ever brought home a parcel, you know the drill: before you’ve even unpacked it, your feline friend is already plotting a takeover. Let’s dive deep into the puzzle of Cats and Their Undying Love for Boxes.

The Science Behind the Attraction

The Comfort of Enclosed Spaces

Cats are instinctively drawn to confined spaces, as they offer protection from predators. A box provides a snug space, making cats feel secure and sheltered.

The Insulation Factor

Boxes, especially cardboard ones, are great insulators. They provide a warm and cozy environment, perfect for those catnaps.

Psychological Reasons

Boxes as Stress Relievers

A study has shown that cats with access to boxes are less stressed than those without. The confined space offers an escape from overwhelming environments.

A Sense of Security

In a box, a cat can observe without being seen. This gives them a feeling of control and safety.

The Hunter Instinct

A Perfect Ambush Spot

Boxes serve as excellent spots for cats to ‘hunt’ from. Peeping out from the slight opening, they can pounce on unsuspecting ‘prey’ (or maybe just your feet!).

The Curiosity Aspect

A Novel Plaything

A box presents endless opportunities: a place to hide, something to chew on, or an object to push and slide. It satiates a cat’s innate curiosity.

How Boxes Benefit Cat Owners

An Affordable Toy

Forget expensive toys; a simple box can provide hours of entertainment for your cat, saving you money.

A Tool for Transition

Introducing a new cat to your home? A box can act as their safe haven, helping them adjust to their new environment.

The Right Box for Your Cat

Choosing the Perfect Size

While cats do love cramming into tiny boxes, ensure there’s also a box big enough for them to fit comfortably.

The Environmental Perspective

Sustainable Playtime

Reusing boxes for play reduces waste, offering an eco-friendly entertainment solution for your cat.


Boxes are more than just cardboard containers to cats. They offer warmth, safety, entertainment, and a touch of the wild hunting instinct. So next time you receive a package, think twice before discarding the box – it might just be your cat’s new favorite toy!


  1. How long will a cat typically play with a box?
    • Depending on the cat, it can range from hours to weeks, or until the box wears out.
  2. Is it safe for cats to chew on boxes?
    • Generally, yes. However, make sure the box doesn’t have any toxic substances or sharp staples.
  3. Do big cats like boxes as well?
    • Yes! There are amusing videos of big cats, like lions and tigers, enjoying boxes in much the same way as domestic cats.
  4. Why does my cat lose interest in a box after a while?
    • Cats love novelty. Over time, a box might lose its charm, just like any other toy.
  5. Are there other household items cats love as much as boxes?
    • Cats are known to love things like laser pointers, balls of yarn, and even crumpled paper.

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