The Puzzling Habit of Cats Eating Grass

Ever caught your feline friend munching on grass and wondered why? Unlike cows or goats, cats are carnivores, so this behavior can leave many pet owners scratching their heads. Let’s dig into this curious phenomenon!

What Exactly Is Going On?

Cats and Their Diet

Cats primarily eat meat and are obligate carnivores, meaning they require nutrients found only in animal-based foods.

The Act of Eating Grass

Despite their carnivorous nature, many cats have been observed eating grass when given the opportunity. So what’s up with that?

The Indigestion Theory

One prevalent theory suggests that cats eat grass to induce vomiting, thereby relieving indigestion or ridding their bodies of furballs.

The Nutritional Angle

Some experts believe that grass contains certain nutrients that may be beneficial for cats, such as folic acid.

Stress Relief?

There is also speculation that eating grass may provide cats with some form of stress relief, although this is still under debate.

Veterinarians Weigh In

Medical Explanations

According to veterinarians, eating small amounts of grass can aid digestion and act as a natural laxative, making it somewhat beneficial for cats.

Is Eating Grass Safe for Cats?

The Safety Concerns

Consuming grass from lawns treated with pesticides or fertilizers poses risks, so always know where your cat’s grass is coming from.

Tips for Responsible Grass-Eating

If your cat enjoys eating grass, consider growing ‘cat grass’ at home to ensure it’s safe and pesticide-free.

Domestic Cats vs. Wild Cats

A Comparative Look

Interestingly, wild cats have also been observed eating plants, suggesting that this behavior might be innate rather than learned.

The DIY Approach

Growing Cat Grass at Home

You can easily grow a safe source of grass for your cat indoors, using planters and seeds available at pet stores.

When to Be Concerned

Signs to Watch Out For

Excessive grass eating or sudden changes in eating habits could be a sign of underlying health issues and warrants a vet check.

Alternative Behaviors

Other Quirky Eating Habits in Cats

Besides grass, some cats also show interest in other non-meat foods like melon or pumpkin. Keep an eye out for these eccentricities!

What Cat Owners Should Know

Summary of Best Practices

If you notice your cat enjoying grass, make sure it’s from a safe source. And always be vigilant for any signs of gastrointestinal issues afterward.


The act of cats eating grass remains an area of intrigue. While there are plausible theories and some veterinary backing, the behavior is generally considered harmless if approached responsibly.


  1. Can eating grass harm my cat?
    • Generally, no. However, grass treated with chemicals can be harmful.
  2. Should I stop my cat from eating grass?
    • Not necessarily. Just make sure the grass is from a safe source.
  3. Do all cats like eating grass?
    • Not all cats show interest in eating grass; it varies from cat to cat.
  4. What is ‘cat grass’?
    • It’s a type of grass specifically grown to be safe for feline consumption.
  5. How can I grow cat grass at home?
    • Cat grass kits are available at pet stores, complete with seeds and soil.

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